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Tier III Minor

Tier III Interdisciplinary Minor in Information Technology and Social Responsibility focuses on:

  • the principles and issues of social responsibility, including, but not limited to: a respect for the environment, cultural issues, access for individuals with disabilities, ethical issues
  • today’s web-based new media technologies and the interconnected environment that supports them
  • the many ways in which social responsibility may be enhanced by information technology; and, conversely, the ways in which information technology may contribute to the weakening of social responsibility
  • the ways in which advances in information technology must be informed by a sense of social responsibility
Elective Courses: Choose Two of the Following:

Course No Name Credits
CIS 3810 Principles of New Media 3
CIS 3270 Computer Ethics (or PHI 3270) 3
CIS 3700 Green IT 3
BLS 3013 Mass Media and The Black American 3
COM 3060 Media Analysis and Criticism 3
COM 3076 International Communication 3
ENG 3220 Media Ethics 3
ENG 3500 Advanced Reporting And Writing: Cyberspace, etc. 3
LIB 3040 Information and Society (or COM 3040 or PAF 3040) 3
PHI 3040 Mind and Computers 3
PHI 3050 Ethics, Economics, and the Business System 3

Required Capstone Course

Course No Name Credits
CIS 4910 Information Technology and Social Responsibility [webpage] 3


Faculty Advisor: Prof. Yuanfeng Cai (