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IS Business Minor- Computer Applications in Business

A minor in “Computer Applications in Business” can help you apply technology solutions to address business problems in your domain. A minor in Computer Applications in Business will help you with the following questions:

  • How can I solve business problems with information technology?
  • What kind of IT solutions will be useful for my business?
  • How can I align business and technology?
The Minor Courses (9 Credits)

Choose any three of the following:

Course No Name (Click for Sample Syllabus†) Frequency of Offering*
CIS 3100 Object-Oriented Programming I Fall and Spring
CIS 3120 Programming for Analytics Once a year
CIS 3150 Introduction to Semantic Technologies Once a year
CIS 3367 Spreadsheet Applications in Business Fall and Spring
CIS 3400 Database Management Systems I Fall and Spring
CIS 3444 E-Business Technologies Fall and Spring
CIS 3500 Networks and Telecommunications I Fall and Spring
CIS 3550 Cybersecurity Fall and Spring
CIS 3630 Principles of Web Design Fall and Spring
CIS 3700 Green IT Once a year
CIS 3710 Business Intelligence Once a year
CIS 3750 Social Media Technologies in Organizations Fall and Spring
CIS 3770 Usability, Privacy, and Security (effective Spring 2017) Once a year
CIS/STA 3920 Data Mining for Business Analytics Fall and Spring
CIS 4100 Object-Oriented Programming II Once a year
CIS 4110 Object-Oriented Programming II With Java Once a year
CIS 4160 Web Applications Development Fall and Spring
CIS/STA 4170 Data Visualization Once a year
CIS 4350 Information Technology Audit Fall and Spring
CIS 4400 Data Warehousing for Analytics Once a year
CIS 4500 Networks and Telecommunications II Once a year
CIS 4620 Financial Information Technologies Once a year
CIS 4650 Operating Systems Concepts Once a year
CIS 4093 Special Topics in Computer Information Systems Varies
CIS 4800 Systems Analysis and Design Fall and Spring
OPR 3300 Quantitative Methods for Accountancy** Fall and Spring
OPR 3450 Quantitative Decision Making for Business** Once a year

*The frequency of offering listed is a good-faith estimate of when each course will be offered by the department, and should not be construed as a commitment. Students should be mindful that our ability to schedule is influenced by many factors including – demand for the course, availability of faculty, and other various constraints imposed by the SCIS Department, School of Business, or College.

† Sample course syllabi are subject to change. These are provided to give you an idea of the topics that would in general be covered in the various courses. These could vary depending on developments in the field and the instructor teaching the course.

**Students may not receive credit for both OPR 3450 and OPR 3300.

Suggested Courses

Students majoring in various business domains such as Accounting, Finance, Marketing, etc. can carefully put together a portfolio of CIS courses that can nicely complement their work in their major.

Visit – Suggested Courses for CIS Business Minor – for further information.


Note that the CIS Business Minor CANNOT be used to fulfill the Tier III minor requirement.

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Suggested Courses

Depending on your major discipline, here are a specific set of CIS courses that might complement the work you do in your major. Select three courses from the list in one of the tracks listed below.