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Information Risk Management and Cybersecurity

Increase in the number of cyber attacks on organizations of various forms and sizes underlines the acute need for professionals who understand various aspects of cyber security. The new track – Information risk management and cybersecurity – would provide a strong foundation in networking, computer security, data integrity, and software development that is needed to develop and secure an organization’s IT infrastructure.


Information Risk Management and Cybersecurity Track
Course Description Credits
Required Courses 15
CIS 3100 Object-Oriented Programming I 3
CIS 3400 Database Management Systems I 3
CIS 3500 Networks and Telecommunications I 3
CIS 3550 Cybersecurity 3
CIS 4350 Information Technology Audit 3
Elective Courses: Choose three courses from the following list. 9
CIS 3700 Green IT 3
CIS 3750 Social Media Technologies in Organizations 3
CIS 4100 Object-Oriented Programming II 3
CIS 4110 Object-Oriented Programming II with Java 3
CIS 4160 Web Applications Development 3
CIS 4500 Networks and Telecommunications II 3
CIS 4620 Financial Information Technologies 3
CIS 4800 Systems Analysis and Design 3