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CIS Major (BBA Degree)

General CIS Track

If you would like to specialize in systems development or would like the flexibility of putting together a CIS major from the variety of CIS courses that we have available, this track would be suitable for you.

Data Analytics Track

Analytics, driven by large amounts of data and computing resources, is recognized as a source of value and competitive advantage. Analyzing large data sets, including both structured and unstructured data—often referred to collectively as big data—is becoming a critical basis of competition, underpinning new waves of improved decision making and innovation.  Organizations around the world are struggling to develop the know-how to aggregate, analyze, and monetize the growing surge of available data. The new track – Data Science and Analytics – would provide a strong foundation in technology, statistics, and quantitative modeling that is needed to develop business intelligence and drive organizational decision-making.

Information Risk Management and Cybersecurity Track

Increase in the number of cyber attacks on organizations of various forms and sizes underlines the acute need for professionals who understand various aspects of cyber security. The new track – Information risk management and cybersecurity – would provide a strong foundation in networking, computer security, data integrity, and software development that is needed to develop and secure an organization’s IT infrastructure.