Undergraduate Programs

The CIS Major

The CIS program at Zicklin provides a strong foundation in the business and managerial issues related to information technologies.

CIS is a business/technical discipline of critical import in finance, accountancy, marketing, and management – key areas where information technologies are applied. Our programs consider electronic-commerce, web design, object-oriented languages, networks and telecommunications, and many other state-of-the art technologies. Special interest is given to emerging technologies and their role as facilitators of strategic advantage in the marketplace.

The CIS Business Minor

A minor in “Computer Applications in Business” can help you apply technology solutions to address business problems in your domain. A minor in Computer Applications in Business will help you with the following questions:

  • How can I solve business problems with information technology?
  • What kind of IT solutions will be useful for my business?
  • How can I align business and technology?

IT and Social Responsibility – Tier III Minor

Tier III Interdisciplinary Minor in Information Technology and Social Responsibility focuses on:

  • the principles and issues of social responsibility, including, but not limited to: a respect for the environment, cultural issues, access for individuals with disabilities, ethical issues
  • today’s web-based new media technologies and the interconnected environment that supports them
  • the many ways in which social responsibility may be enhanced by information technology; and, conversely, the ways in which information technology may contribute to the weakening of social responsibility.
  • the ways in which advances in information technology must be informed by a sense of social responsibility