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Learn about various career paths that Information Systems (IS) graduates pursue, why IS might provide a good career path for those interested in technology and business, and some interesting information on various topics that IS focuses on.

IS Careers

IS graduates work for IT departments of organizations in various areas such as finance, marketing, real estate, etc. They also often work for companies in the technology industry. Find out about the various IT roles that they fill, services offered by our career center, and the reasons that make IS a good career choice.

IS Tracks

We have put together various set of courses that might help students build their portfolio towards specific career paths. Learn more about specialty areas that are part of IS and the kind of courses that might help you get started in those areas.

IS Internships

Get some early experience in the information systems field by taking a internship in IS. Learn more about IS internships and registration requirements for IS internship-related courses.


We have put together a collection of resources that will help students learn further about various IS-related topics (e.g. programming, financial IT, etc.)

Also check the department’s facebook group for updates on relevant events and resources.

IS Careers

Our IS program provides a blend of business and technology background for those interested in various technology and management roles. Learn about the interesting career paths, opportunities, and growth possibilities.

IS Internships

IS Internship Registration Requirements Submit your offer letter through e-mail (pai-chun.ma@baruch.cuny.edu) or request your employer to send Prof. Ma an official email about your offer. Your offer letter should contain the following: Your detailed job responsibilities (must be CIS related) The starting date and ending date of your internship The number of work hours per week …

Lab 11-215 Schedule

Tutoring Services The following tutoring services will be available at this lab. Please check the color code to know what tutoring service is available when.   [googleapps domain=”docs” dir=”spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vRIdOx8GNJFFw5j3QTaX-aoxenDNgsAoQ2tMsibjtHwpj6CwTW2mp2Y2htAGxT885hqMcpXICzbhSih/pubhtml” query=”gid=0&single=true&widget=true&headers=false” /] Here is the list of available software that you can use in this lab: Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Anaconda Distribution Arena CUNY …


Programming Prof. Linda Friedman has all her course material for CIS 3100 available on her course website. This includes lecture notes, course outline, assignments, etc. Prof. Richard Holowczak’s website covers a wide variety of resources for programming. Financial IT Prof. Richard Holowczak has provided several resources on his website that complement his course on Financial …

Professor Richard Holowczak

Suggested Tracks for Undergraduate Students

Tracks for CIS Major in the BBA program Undergraduate students who major in CIS are required to take four CIS courses and can choose four CIS electives from a list of our course offerings. We have provided some recommendations on what courses you can choose for your electives based on specific career paths you would like …