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Learn about various career paths that Information Systems graduates pursue, why Information Systems might provide a good career path for those interested in technology and business, and some interesting information on various topics that our courses and programs focus on.

IS Careers

Our graduates typically work for IT departments of organizations in various domains such as finance, marketing, real estate, etc. Find out about the various IT roles that they fill, services offered by our career center, and the reasons that make IS a good career choice.

IS Tracks

We have put together various set of courses that might help students build their portfolio towards specific career paths. Learn more about specialty areas that are part of IS and the kind of courses that might help you get started in those areas.

IS Internships

Get some early experience in the information systems field by taking a internship in IS. Learn more about IS internships and registration requirements for IS internship-related courses.


We have put together a collection of resources that will help students learn further about various IT-related topics (e.g. programming, financial IT, etc.)

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