CIS Programs

MS in Information Systems

Career-Track-01Some of the areas that our MS programs helps students specialize in are:

  • Financial IT
  • Data Mining
  • Business Intelligence
  • Systems Development
  • IT Auditing
  • Information Security

Pick an appropriate set of courses from our MS program which is a concentration of 30 credits in major-related courses. It provides the concepts, strategies, and techniques necessary for this dynamic field. The program focuses on business areas driven by information technologies, including database management systems, e-business development, and analysis and design. The MS also provides study in other areas of interest, such as information technology in the financial markets and IT project management. The MS provides more in-depth treatment of information systems, compared to the MBA.

MBA in Information Systems

Students can select from a range of courses in the major to focus on specific technologies and strategic areas of interest, such as information technology in financial markets, e-business, database management systems, and global IT. Graduates of the MBA in IS are equipped with a comprehensive business education, while specializing on the role of Information Technology in shaping, enabling, and delivering a company’s strategic goals.

BBA in Computer Information Systems

The CIS program at Zicklin provides a strong foundation in the business and managerial issues related to information technologies.  Our students work in various domains such as finance, accountancy, marketing, and management – key areas where information technologies are applied.