CIS 9444 – Sample Course Syllabus

Title e-Business Principles and Technologies
Description This course is an introduction to e-business, addressing the strategic aspects of conducting business online as well as on mobile devices while covering some of the basic technologies that make e-business work. The issues addressed cover some of the technical infrastructure, business impact, and global considerations surrounding the analysis and implementation of e-business. Students are exposed to a variety of resources and media, including articles from relevant industry publications, demonstrations of existing e-businesses, and guest lectures from e-business executives.
Prerequisites CIS 9000 or CIS 9001
Learning Goals Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • Explain the basic technological infrastructure of e-business
  • Articulate how supporting technologies help make e-business possible
  • Explore innovative business models that take advantage of the latest technologies
  • Discuss how successful e-businesses have leveraged technology to gain competitive advantage in the market
  • Develop a business proposal for an e-business, which involves an innovative use of e-business technology and specifies what technology will be used and how it will be implemented.

First Midterm                                                                            35%

Second Midterm                                                                       35%

Group Project:

·        e-Business Short Pitch                                                   2.5%

·        e-Business Proposal (Presentation)                               10%

·        e-Business Proposal (Written)                                       15%

Peer investor evaluation                                                         2.5%

Textbooks and other material There is no specific textbook assigned for this course. You will be assigned various articles to read, most of which are available online for free. You will be able to access these articles through the links included in the syllabus.
  • Identifying and understanding growth drivers in e-Business
  • Mobile platforms: Challenges and opportunities for businesses
  • Online retail: Established giants and small startups
  • Online startup investment environment
  • Using the crowd to create value: Crowdsource, Crowdfunding, Innovation Contests
  • The sharing economy, the rent economy, the gig economy
  • The technological infrastructure of the Internet
  • The evolution of the World Wide Web: From simple HTML to Ajax and HTML5
  • Social networks and messaging services
  • Information creation, aggregation, and search online
  • Online advertising and promotion: The underlying technology and the strategic opportunities
  • New pricing models online: Information products vs. physical products
  • Logistics and distribution in a digital environment
  • Mobile payment systems
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Online security: DDoS attacks, system hacks, packet sniffing, and other threats
  • Defending again security threats: encryption, authentication, firewalls