CIS 5800 – Sample Course Syllabus

Title Information Technology Project Design and Management
Description Information Technology Project Design and Management is the CIS capstone course. It focuses on the design and management of systems to meet the increased need for information within an enterprise. The course exposes students to the fundamentals of IT project management required for the successful implementation of IT-based systems. The course presents tools and technologies for project definition, work breakdown, estimating, planning and scheduling resources as well as monitoring and control of project execution. Students utilize knowledge gained from prior coursework, and work in groups to design and manage an Information Technology project.
Prerequisites CIS 3100, CIS 4800
Learning Goals  Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Follow the software design and implementation processes
  • Discuss the principles and applications of project management
  • Apply quantitative methods to project planning, performance and monitoring
  • Use project management theories, tools and software
  • Mid. Term Exam          10%
  • Final Exam                  20%
  • Project                       60%
  • Presentations (Group)  5%
  • Presentations (Indiv.)   5%
Textbooks Information Technology Project Management, Revised, 6th Edition (includes Premium Online Content Printed Access Card MS Project 2010 CD comes with the Revised 6e)
Kathy Schwalbe, ISBN-13: 9781111221751, 704 Pages, © 2011
  • Course overview, Project goals
  • Team formation, Project selection
  • Class Discussion: Introduction to Project Management
  • Preliminary Project proposal
  • Project Phases: Planning, Analysis, Design, and Development
  • Class Discussion: The Project Management and Information Technology Context
  • Project Discussions: Use Case Modeling, Activity & Class Diagrams;
  • Class Discussion: The Project Management Process Groups. The Case study.
  • Project Discussions: Sequence and Communication Diagrams
  • Class Discussion: Project Integration Management
  • Project Discussions: Component and Deployment Diagrams; Analysis & Design Review
  • Class Discussion: Project Scope Management
  • Class Discussion: Project Time Management
  • Mid. Term Exam
  • Class Discussion: Project Cost Management
  • Class Discussion: Project Quality Management
  • Class Discussion: Project Human Resource Management
  • Class Discussion: Project Communications Management
  • Project Discussions: Progress Review
  • Class Discussion: Project Risk Management
  • Class Discussion: Project Procurement Management
  • Final Project Presentations & Demonstrations