CIS 4500: Sample Course Syllabus

Title Networks and Telecommunications II
Description This course builds on the material of CIS 3500, moving into wide area networking and computer communications. Included are topologies, transmission and switching technologies, internetworking, connectivity, routing, the Internet, addressing, protocols, and security. Consideration is given to the political and business climates in which the telecommunications industry operates. The latest changes and developments are brought to the class as they occur. Students will work on a network design project.
Prerequisites CIS 3500
Learning Goals
Textbooks Principles of Computer Networks and Communications (2009), M. Barry Dumas, Morris Schwartz, Pearson Prentice Hall, ISBN-13: 978-0-13-167264-2
  • Introduction, Orientation, Overview, and Review: TDM & STDM
  • Review: Circuit & Packet Switches
  • The TELCOS
  • Packet Switched Networks: WAN components; Datagrams vs. virtual circuits
  • Packet Switched Networks: X.25 & Frame Relay.
  • Packet Switched Networks: ATM
  • The Internet & Internetworking: Part I – Overview
  • The Internet & Internetworking: Part II – Addressing Ipv4
  • The Internet & Internetworking: Part III – Masks, Default Masks & Network Addresses
  • The Internet & Internetworking: Part IV – Subnetting & Ipv6
  • TCP/IP Protocols: The Protocol Stacks – OSI & TCP/IP
  • TCP/IP Protocols: IP, ARP (Layer 3)
  • TCP/IP Protocols: RARP, DHCP, ICMP, & IGMP (Layer 3)
  • TCP/IP Protocols: Internet Routing
  • TCP/IP Protocols: Transport -TCP (Layer 4)
  • TCP/IP Protocols: Transport – UDP (Layer 4)
  • TCP/IP Protocols: Application – HTTP, FTP, SNMP, SMTP, Telnet & VoIP (Layer 5)
  • TCP/IP Protocols: QoS
  • Wireless Networks: Data Networks
  • Wireless Networks: Voice Networks; Satellites
  • Network Security: Network Security
  • Network Security: Data Security – Encryption
  • Network Management
  • Network Planning, Designing, & Implementation
  • Communications: The Future