CIS 3700 – Sample Course Syllabus

Title Green IT
Description This course examines the relationship between Information Technology and environmental sustainability. Students will be introduced to different theories and practices pertaining to business, Information Technology, and environmental sustainability. The course examines both ‘greening of IT’ and ‘greening by IT’. Greening of IT refers to the impact of information systems on the environment including challenges such as carbon footprint of information systems and e-waste. Greening by IT refers to IT-enabled solutions that focus on reducing green-house gas emissions.
Prerequisites CIS 2200
Learning Goals Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Analyze the impact of IT on the environment
  • Assess the business value of green IT
  • Assess energy needs of IT
  • Identify challenges in reducing the environmental impact of IT
  • Develop solutions that will help reduce environmental impact of IT
  • Suggest the use of IT solutions to reduce green-house gas emissions
  • Assess the impact of and discuss solutions to address issues related to e-waste

BBA Learning goals addressed:

  • Analytical and technological skills: Students will be expected to develop deliverables that focus on analyzing the impact of technology on the environment. Examples of deliverables include business cases, case analyses, and project reports.
  • Communication skills (Oral and written): Students will develop written project reports and will be required to present their projects.
  • Proficiency in the discipline: Students will be able to identify information systems solutions that enable and/or adversely impact environmental sustainability initiatives.
  • Case analyses reports                20%
  • Project report and presentation   40%
  • Final Exam                                30%
  • Class participation                     10%
Textbooks Lawrence Webber, Michael Wallace, “Green Tech: How to Plan and Implement Sustainable IT Solutions,” AMACOM, 2009, ISBN-10: 081441446X/ISBN-13: 978-0814414460.Thomas L. Friedman, “Hot, Flat, and Crowded 2.0: Why We Need a Green Revolution–and How It Can Renew America”, Picador, ISBN-10: 0312428928/ ISBN-13: 978-0312428921.
  •  Introduction
  • What is “green” and why is it important?
  • Basics about energy and the Business of Green
  • Innovation and greening
  • Implementing Green IT initiatives in organizations
  • Standards, regulations, and initiatives
  • Corporate Greenhouse Gas Accounting
  • Carbon credit markets
  • Virtualization
  • Green data centers
  • E-waste
  • Green supply chain
  • Enabling sustainability with IT
  • Software and sustainability
  • IT and the Bottom of the Pyramid
  • IT in Healthcare
  • Mobile Technology and Social Change
  • Project presentations
  • Final Exam