CIS 3630 – Sample Course Syllabus

Title Principles of Web Design
Description This course focuses on the fundamentals of web design and development. As a student in this course, you will first be presented with an overview of the web design concepts. You will then learn about creating web pages with HTML5 and CSS3, working with images and hyperlinks, and creating interactivity.  You will then move on to creating tables for data and layout and creating forms for capturing data.  Finally, you will learn about creating page layouts and publishing a Web site.  Additional topics include planning, designing and building a professional web site; typography and graphics; accessibility standards, multimedia and interactivity on the web; testing, publishing, marketing and maintaining a web site. Along with examining different coding strategies, this course will explore the advancement of Web site implementation, as well as, timeless problem solving strategies.
Prerequisites CIS 2200 or equivalent
Learning Goals
  • Homework     20%
  • Project             30%
  • Midterm          25%
  • Final               25%
Textbooks Textbook #1: Basics of Web Design: HTML5 & CSS3 by Terry Felke-Morris (ISBN-10: 0137003382, ISBN-13: 978-0137003389)Textbook #2: Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Revealed by Sherry Bishop(ISBN-10: 1111130663, ISBN-13: 978-1111130664)
  • Introduction to Course
  • HTML5 Basics
  • Introduction to Dreamweaver
  • Working with Hyperlinks
  • Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets
  • Working with Images
  • Website Project (Planning)
  • Using Colors on Websites
  • Review & Midterm Exam
  • Page Layout w/CSS
  • Web Project (Design)
  • Working with Tables
  • Constructing Forms
  • Adding Multimedia & Interactivity
  • Using Templates & Layers
  • Web Promotion
  • Web Accessibility
  • Project Presentations/Review for Final Exam