CIS 3500: Sample Course Syllabus

Title Networks and Telecommunications I
Description This course covers the fundamental principles of computer networking and telecommunications, including foundation communications concepts, network architectures and protocols, signaling and encoding, media, transmission techniques, local area networks, security, and management. Discussed are both the technical knowledge and the managerial considerations that are pertinent to understanding today’s communications systems within the framework of business decision making. Students will work on a network design project. Since this is one of the most dynamic fields in the computer industry, the latest changes and developments are brought to the course as they occur.Students may receive credit for only one of CIS 3500 or CIS 3501 or CIS 4450.
Prerequisites CIS 2200
Learning Goals
  • First Exam                                   25%
  • Mid-Term Examination                  25%
  • Final Examination                         35%
  • Class Assignments                       10%
  • Attendance / Class Participation      5%
Textbooks Business Data Communications- Infrastructure, Networking and Security (7th Edition), William Stallings & Thomas Case, Publisher: Prentice Hall; 7 edition (September 7, 2012) ISBN-10: 0133023893
  • Introduction
  • Business Information
  • Distributed Data Processing
  • Data Transmission
  • Data Communications Fundamentals
  • Data Link Control and Multiplexing
  • The Internet
  • TCP/IP
  • Client/Server, Intranet and Cloud Computing.
  • Internet Based Applications
  • LAN Architecture and Infrastructure
  • Ethernet, Switches and Virtualization
  • WAN Technologies and Protocols