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Nov 25 2017

MS Access Workshop (11/30/17 11 AM)

Learn how to work with  data using Microsoft Access. This Access workshop is designed to teach students how to create and query tables, manipulate data, create forms and reports using Access. Open to students of all Majors. No prior knowledge of MS Access required. Conducted by : Graduate Students ( CIS Majors) RSVP Here Limited …

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Nov 20 2017

Workshop on R (12/4/17 12:30)

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Attend our workshop on R to learn how to get started with statistical computing. Learn how to work with data and create beautiful plots using R. This workshop is intended for beginners. No prior knowledge of R needed. Date: Monday, 12/4/17 Time: 10:00 to 11:30AM Location: Lab 11:215 RSVP here. Space is limited. Offered by: …

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Nov 17 2017

Workshop on Tableau (11/30/2017 12:30)

Creating visualizations and combining them in interactive dashboards: Attend our Tableau workshop to learn how to use this tool to present data easily, quickly and professionally to the key decision makers. You’ll learn how to navigate the product and examine core concepts and techniques in Tableau. This workshop is intended for students who work with …

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Nov 17 2017

SQL Workshop for Beginners (12/4/17 12:30)

Do you want to learn SQL and start working with data? Unsure how to start ? Come, join us at our SQL workshop for beginners to get more insight on the growing need to learn SQL and gain some hands-on experience with querying databases using SQL with MS Access. This workshop will take absolute beginners …

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Nov 16 2017

Python workshop (11/22/17 12:30PM)

Interested in programming but have no experience? Attend our workshop covering basic programming techniques using Python. This will be an entry-level workshop designed to introduce key concepts and to get started with programming. You don’t have to be a CIS major to do this.  Learn to use programming as a powerful problem solving tool in …

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Nov 07 2017

More on tutoring service

We currently have graduate student assistants on staff that provide tutoring service for the following topics.  Please check the color code to know what tutoring service is available when.  

Oct 24 2017

Lab and tutoring services

We are keeping an additional lab (11-215) open and are starting to offer tutoring services in specific topics. Please see the lab schedule page for the lab hours and tutoring services offered. Here is the list of available software that you can use in this lab: Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Anaconda Distribution Corona …

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Apr 24 2017

CUNY Tech Prep Info Session – 4/25, 12:30pm-2pm, 11-130

CUNY Tech Prep

Tomorrow there will be a CUNY Tech Prep information session in room 11-130 at 12:30pm-2pm. Two recruiters from the program will be there. RSVP at  

Apr 20 2017

C++ workshop (5/9/15 9:30 to 2:00PM)

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Our department is offering Baruch students a C++ coding workshop – no coding experience necessary. This Workshop will take place on May 9 (9:30 am – 2:00 pm)  cosponsored with student organizations “The Fem|Code” and “Hack for Baruch.” We will build fun programs in order to learn fundamental programming concepts. For more information contact Professor …

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Apr 18 2017

Python workshop (4/27 and 5/4 1-2PM)

Computer Lab

Python for Beginners Interested in programming but have no experience? Attend a two part workshop covering basic programming techniques using Python. This will be an entry-level seminar series designed to introduce key concepts. Learn to use programming as a powerful problem solving tool! Limited seating. Please RSVP.   Thursday, April 27, 2017 – Part 1 …

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