Oct 30

PhD in Information Systems


Program Highlights:

  • Wide range of faculty specializations, such as electronic markets, global information systems, business intelligence, financial information systems, human-computer interaction, and information systems development
  • Active participation by doctoral students in research projects
  • Strong research foundation through courses on research methods, statistical analyses, and other research-specific skills.
  • Extensive list of seminars on current Information Systems research
  • High faculty to student ratio
  • Excellent record of research publications by faculty and students
  • Doctoral students generally receive full financial support during their studies, including full tuition support.

FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Visit our doctoral program page on our website.

Or contact:    Prof. Marios Koufaris

PhD in Information Systems Area Coordinator

marios.koufaris@baruch.cuny.edu or 1-646-312-3373