Apr 09

Complete your Tier III minor in one summer

Tier III minor in Information Technology and Social Responsibility

27095This interdisciplinary Tier III Minor satisfies the Baruch College Tier III liberal arts requirement.  Students will study the effects of the new technologies on the individual, the workplace, and society at large.


Students in the IT & SR Interdisciplinary Tier III Minor will gain:

  • an understanding of the principles and issues of social responsibility, including: a respect for the environment, cultural issues, access for individuals with disabilities, ethical issues.
  • the ability to critically analyze published research papers
  • an understanding of today’s web-based new media technologies and the interconnected environment that supports them

This summer, you can take three courses that you need to complete this Tier III minor. Take two 3000-level courses in the first summer session, and the capstone in the second.   

First Summer Session (5/29/2014-7/10/2014)

CIS3810: Principles of New Media, Section Net1 (This is an online course)

This course studies the history, theory, and practice of new media in today’s networked society; the implications of the convergence of technology and convergence of disciplines; and the societal implications of the new connectedness. Second generation web-based media such as social communities, blogs, wikis, personal web pages will be examined. Issues relating to privacy, copyright and ethics on the web will be explored.

Prerequisite: CIS2200.

CIS3270/PHI3270: Computer EthicsSection S1DA (M/T/Th 5:30-7:29pm)

This course provides a philosophical perspective to ethical decision making, especially as regarding the specific ethical issues and controversies surrounding modern computer technology.  These issues include those relating to privacy, security, identity, copyright, unauthorized use, access for the disabled, gender issues, and the digital divide.

Prerequisite: One course in Philosophy or CIS 2200

Second Summer Session (7/21/2014-8/20/2014)

CIS4910: Information Technology and Social ResponsibilitySection S2DA (M/T/Th 5:30-8:11 pm)

This is the capstone course for the IT/SR Tier III minor. This course will cover various issues related to organizational / societal social responsibility and information technologies Topics will cover ethical, social and cultural issues, including IT-enabled access for the disabled, intellectual property, internet security and privacy, social networking, and asynchronous learning.

Prerequisite: Students must have satisfied the 3000-level course requirements for this Tier III Minor prior to enrollment in this course.

 For more information, contact: Professor Nanda Kumar at: Nanda.Kumar@baruch.cuny.edu / 1.646.312.3403