Oct 16

IT analysts’ communication with business users

ShadiProf. Shadi Shuraida has recently published a paper in JAIS – a leading IS journal. The paper focuses on the question – “How should IT analysts communicate with business users?” Analysts – serving as liaisons between users and developers – face numerous challenges in communicating with users to learn about requirements. For example, what should an analyst think about before removing a particular feature or requirement from the specification? While it is easy to suggest that they need to ‘check with the user’, Prof. Shuraida and Barki’s research argues that you do this better by providing concrete examples to users about how this decision will impact their work. Two learning models help them explain this better. Should analysts make decisions unilaterally or should they enable open discussions with users? The latter works better, argue Shuraida and Barki. Learn more about this research by reading the full paper.